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Poured Proudly

Welcome to Sea Dog Brewing Company! We were founded in 1993 in Camden, Maine and have since opened locations across Maine, New Hampshire and Florida. Sea Dog's beers are formulated and brewed in a traditional style using imported English two-row malted barley for ales and imported German hops and grains for lagers. Fermentation uses a British top-fermenting yeast in open fermenters to create balanced and fruity flavored ales with a crisp finish. Sea Dog claims to be one of the few craft breweries in New England brewing both traditional ales and lagers.


The first Sea Dog opens in 1993 in Camden, ME


Entrepreneur Fred Forsley became the new owner of Sea Dog


Blue Paw awarded best fruit beer two years in a row


Sea Dog expands to Florida where we now have one restaurant location along with multiple food trucks


Sea Dog has expanded across New England to total 8 locations. Our newest location opening in 2022 in Scarborough, ME

The Sea Dog Family

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